Open Demo Account

Open Demo Account


How to open a Free Forex Demo Account?

This is the most popular way to open Demo Account among our clients, because a wide range of services provided by Euromaxfx is available in Live Account. You can deposit you Demo Account with virtual money, change leverage, etc.

In the MetaTrader4 client terminal

Opening of a Free Forex Demo Account will take you the following steps:


  1. Download  and install the Download MetaTrader 4 trading terminal to your computer.
  2. After the MetaTrader is installed and launched, you need to left-click on "File Menu" ("Navigator" section, which is below "Market Watch" section) and then left-click on "Open an Account".

  3. Complete the registration form. Choose Leverage and Deposit for Your forex online demo account. Choose "I agree to subscribe to your newsletters by marking the checkbox". Click "Next" button to proceed.

  4. After trading servers are found, choose "Euromaxfx Demo" and click Next button to proceed.

  5. Your Free Forex Demo Account is open. This window shows your registration information: Name (a person who opened an account), Account Type (demoforex), and Deposit. Remember Login and Password, you’ll need them to access your account in the terminal.

  6. Once your Demo Forex Account is open, you can view information about current status of your account (balance, equity, free margin) in the bottom part of the terminal using Trade, Account History, Alerts, Mailbox, and Journal sections.

 Download here: MT 4 Trading Terminal